Gary Aldrich

Gary Aldrich founded The Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty in 1997. The Fairfax , Virginia based center is a nonprofit group dedicated to the Constitution and Bill of Rights in memory of Patrick Henry. The Center is universally recognized as an effective supporter of the right of ethical dissent. Mr. Aldrich is known as a champion of free speech.

Before founding The Patrick Henry Center, Mr. Aldrich served as an FBI agent for 26 years, specializing in political corruption and assigned to major cities throughout the U.S. Over a period of 10 years. Mr. Aldrich worked with the Reagan, Bush and Clinton administrations and was the senior FBI Senate and House liaison responsible for the maintenance of national security.

The Center's strongest efforts continue to be so called Whistle Blower cases, which assist and defend workers who are compelled by conscience to report corruption within the federal government. Other initiatives underway at The Patrick Henry Center are the Patrick Henry Patriotettes (a 2nd Amendment effort), House Managers Appreciation & Scholarship Fund, and Project Eagle, a timely program supportive of scouting in America .

It is generally agreed that Mr. Aldrich was a driving force in the 1998 impeachment of William Jefferson Clinton. He was one of a core group (often mislabeled "A Vast Right Wing Conspiracy") who worked tirelessly to assist investigators and the 13 House Managers with the mountain of evidence of Clinton 's crimes. However, Mr. Aldrich may be best known as the FBI agent who broke the code of silence with his first book, Unlimited Access: An FBI Agent Inside the Clinton White House.