Billy Dale

Billy Dale was born April 5, 1937 at Grundy, Virginia, a small coal mining town in the Appalachian Mountains and southwestern part of the state, the third of seven children.  His father was a coal miner and his mother was a housewife. His mother died June 29, 1953 when he was 16. His father finished raising Billy and his four younger siblings.

Dale graduated from Grundy High School in 1956. He was a member of the high school basketball team for three years. After working for his uncle in the coal mines for three days he decided he was not cut out to be a coal miner and joined the U.S Air Force. After basic training and tech school for a teletype operator he was stationed on Okinawa for 18 months.  Dale married his high school sweetheart, Blanche, on July 3, 1958. He served the remainder of his two year enlistment at Andrews during which time his son Steven was born November 29, 1959.  

Upon his discharge from the Air Force he went to work at the Veterans Administration in their communications department. He had been working there approximately 14 months when one afternoon his supervisor came to him and asked if he would be interested in working for another government department doing the same job but making more money than they were able to pay him. He told her that he would like to know more about the job and the next day she sent him to the Department of Interior to be interviewed. When he went for the interview the gentleman told him the job was not at the Dept. of Interior but at The White House.  

Billy was offered the job and started working there in October 1961 during the administration of John F. Kennedy. The office was responsible for sending and receiving telegrams For The President and white house staff, providing commercial travel schedules, reservations and ticketing of the white house staff as well as the other government agencies within the white house complex and handling travel arrangements for the white house press corps traveling with the president when he travels outside of the Washington area. After a year Billy started training on the travel desk helping make travel arrangements for the staff. In 1966 upon the retirement of the gentleman in charge of the travel desk Billy was asked to take over that job. He was occasionally asked to fill in and travel on a presidential trip. Billy was privileged to accompany President Nixon to China on his historical trip to re-establish diplomatic relations. Dale was promoted as assistant director of the office in 1977. Upon the retirement of the director in 1982 he was asked to head up the office. Billy served in the job until May 1993 when his staff and he were fired by the Clintons.