Directed by Alan Peterson
Produced by David N. Bossie
Alan Peterson
Written by Michael Wright
Alan Peterson 
Lee Troxler
Executive Producers Lawrence Kadish 
The Lincoln Club of Orange County
Executive Producer David N. Bossie
Editor M. A. Taylor
Director of Photography M. A. Taylor
Music by Elizabeth Myers
John Trivers
Production Manager Francelle Wax
Camera Operators Christian J. Mack
Dan Seminatore
James Gribbins
Francelle Wax
Location Sound Don Barto Jr.
Charles White
Brent Woods
Matt Silver
Joe Decarvalho
Grip Kevin Hunt
Phil Sorenson
Bayard Seidler
Bill Turnley
Gaffer Steve Seitz
Konstantine Arvanitopoulos
Tim Gordon
Randy Freeman
Joe Kobzan
Make-Up Leslie Storm
Heidi Plie
Diane Solomon
Heidi Aburas
Darvell Freeman
Production Coordinators Robyn McNab
Heather Smith
Clearance Coordinator Bryan Shukoff 
Production Assistants  Jason Nguyen
Laura Healey
Jade Nguyen
Legal  Michael Boos, Esq.
Marketing/Development  Matt Palumbo 
Michelle Healey
Accountant  Lauren Catts
Research JT Mastranadi
Christopher Cook
Judy Cook
John Ziegler
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George Washington University
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Fraunces Tavern
Bergen County Mayor’s Office
DC Government Film Office
Tim Clark, Buffalo Film Commissioner
Betty Newel, Hamburg Chamber of Commerce
David Dunham
Infocision Management Corporation
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Nate Drushell
Lance Davis
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