Court Denies Appeal on Anti-Hillary Film Ads

March 24, 2008

By Alex Knott
Congressional Quarterly

The Supreme Court denied an appeal today from a conservative group that wants to run ads promoting an unflattering documentary about Hillary Rodham Clinton. Citizens United's appeal was rejected for jurisdictional reasons. Now, the group must either wait for district court action or run ads that comply with current campaign finance laws by disclosing who paid for the ads.

Citizens United's lawyer said that he will be waiting for the Federal District Court to make its decision before taking any other action.

"Hillary: The Movie," has had one-night shows in a handful of movie theaters and is available on DVD. So far, the film has only been advertised on the Internet--a medium that does not have any disclaimer and contributor disclosure rules under campaign finance law.

The film uses more than 40 interviews with opinion makers and those who "personally locked horns with the Clintons" to tell a story of "what the Clintons want America to forget," according to a press release from the group.

Citizens United plans on making a similar film about Barack Obama.

The group's film "Celsius 41.11" was a conservative response to documentary filmmaker Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11."